Monday, 14 April 2014

Want ▲ Need ▲ Wear ▲ Read - A Birthday Wishlist

I did have a recipe planned for today but I decided at the last minute that I wasn't happy with it and it needed more work so instead I've whipped up a little birthday wishlist before I turn 28 next week. How am I turning 28? I swear I was 24 not long ago. like the idea behind 'want, need, wear, read' and it's very much the idea I wanted to base Matilda's birthdays and Christmas's around. 

I've been working a lot on calligraphy and hand-lettering lately and I'd love to be able to work straight onto my computer or easily edit scanned pieces with a tablet. I've had a Wacom tablet on my wish list for a while. 

I like to think the Diono Buggy Buddy would save me a lot of faff and allow me to walk to baby group with a proper coffee or not lose the house keys at the bottom of the changing bag. 

I'm abit obsessed with shirts at the moment. Before I had Matilda I used to wear dresses a lot but they aren't really very practical when lugging around a 15lb load so I'm pretty much always in jeans now. Shirts are nice and loose and don't cling to my every bump so I feel a bit nicer about myself. I love the pattern on this Topshop shirt. Nick picked me up a lovely one from the Joules outlet at Cheshire oaks (75% off!!!) but I'm not allowed it until my actual birthday.

Finally, as weaning time draws near I'm reading all sorts on the subject - probably because I'm terrified of having a super fussy eater on my hands. I read about this book whilst I was pregnant so I now Matilda is almost 5 months old I'm keen to give it a read. 


  1. Want, need, wear, read is such a great idea! I might borrow that for weekly posts...

  2. Love this idea! Also...we have the buggy tidy, it is super handy for purse, keys, phone but have yet to NOT SPILL a coffee using it.

  3. I am 28 too (7th April), but I was 20 not long ago :). Life is life...

    I have read the book a few months ago in Russian, I don't have my own children though. It is quite interesting and useful for parents.