Contemporary UPVC Sash Windows

Contemporary UPVC Sash Windows

UPVC Sash Windows – Modern approach to design

A lot of houses in the UK, especially in and around towns in the UK were built with wooden box sash windows as the main design. Over the years these older wooden box sashes have shown their faults.

sash windows tiltMajor complaints and areas of irritation include such things as:

  • sash ropes rotting, breaking, becoming detached
  • leaky windows
  • loose fitting windows
  • faulty or poor locks
  • windows jam up or down
  • windows being “painted closed”
  • finger injuries from frames trapping them
  • wood rot
  • high maintenance
  • single glazed
  • and so on and so forth.

Modern UPVC Sash windows have addressed all these issues within the latest contemporary designs.

Sash ropes are replaced with spring tensioners that run on super smooth tracks that don’t rattle or leak. Painting is not required for UPVC sash windows. They are double glazed for energy efficiency and fitted with high quality locks that keep them secure.

All in all, the humble sash window has now evolved into a highly energy efficient, great looking, secure window that has much to offer in terms of visual appeal & value for money. visit: