UPVC Versus Timber Sash Windows for Your Home

UPVC Versus Timber Sash Windows for Your Home

Which is best uPVC Sash or Timber Sash?

A contentious question by any means – is beauty in the eye of the beholder with this one? – Maybe so.


If is a question of aesthetics, it could be argued that from the street level in terms of ¬†just the look, you might have a hard time telling one form the other if the windows are white. That may not be the case when you are looking at “stained hardwood” v wood effect upvc, but its will still be a close thing.

Close-up side by side viewing of both timber & uPVC will easily separate the 2 types, but who would fit both types in the same property, never mind fitting them side by side – so IMHO, you cant really tell the difference visually from a distance.

One “give away” for the uPVC could be that the frames would likely be a bit more slimline, as they use springs to counterbalance the moving sections, whereas traditional box sash timber windows will have hidden weights within the frames and that necessitate a bulkier frame to conceal them.

UPVC Versus Timber Sash Windows

The difference that makes all the difference is price. You can expect to have to shell out a lot more for a traditional timber bx sash window than an uPVC sash of the same size.

This alone could bias a potential customer towards using uPVC Read more here – https://www.mylocalprices.co.uk/cost-guide/double-glazing-prices/